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Helping brands with big ambitions punch above their weight.

We take pride in taking your budget and doubling the results – With a guarantee to deliver better stats than any others! Each company is different, and we will discuss a Custom strategy and budget for every single client to make sure you get what you came for. If you can’t afford our services – we’ll recommend the best options and even some reputable alternatives.

Every single company that cares about Google and being better than its competitors has an intrinsic need for SEO. Still, most can’t afford it, never knowing what proper SEO can do for every single business out there. In fact, it’s so important, that there are millions of people promising quick and cheap SEO. 99% of businesses fall for this and end up paying for things that don’t work in 2022, and then wonder why they’re not getting the results they want.

We bring all the basic SEO practices such as content curation, management, and creation. Position tracking, improving, and reporting. Backlink building, keyword analysis, and more. On top of all the basics, we bring our growth hacking specialty that sets us apart from the competition. We encourage you to test out our services, we’ll work in the background even if you already have an SEO team. We’ll analyze where you’re being gouged and offer solutions that provide better scalability, better results, and overall better efficiency.

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Harness the power of Growth Marketing with growth hacking rockstars.

Get access to our highly skilled Reddit Team, Quora Team, Medium Team and more – from content writers, users, data tracking bots, etc. Take control of the social conversation and notice the difference when it comes to sentiment hacking.

X-VEEN uses real people, real stories, and real education to push your company into the spotlight – you can expect monumental growth in website traffic within a few months.

With hundreds of contractors around the world we elevate your brand through advocacy marketing, see real reviews from real people testing your products and pushing your name out there. Reputation Management done right and by the book!

reddit marketing, toronto, canada

X-VEEN guarantees results by the end of the strategic plan – or we will continue to work – FOR FREE. Yes, we’re that certain that we’ve got the secret sauce and that our methods put us above 99% of all other marketing companies. We fly with the newest tech while the other companies lag behind.

“I’m very pleased with the SEO services provided by x-veen marketing. Our website sales have greatly improved, and their customer support is excellent. To the x-veen team, thank you.”

“They have one of the best marketing teams I’ve ever seen. They adapt and learn fast according to the company they’re dealing with. I would really recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their company in a short period of time.”

“X-VEEN gave me direct access to a team of experts who live and breathe digital marketing all day, every day. They understand how every part of your marketing strategy impacts performance. They tweaked my marketing and did some magic backstage and via reddit. Don’t waste time and money on things that barely work…”

“Spent a lot of money on traditional SEO that got us nowhere, this alternative marketing brings results like nothing we’ve seen before. X-VEEN Marketing Consultant has the skills and experienced people to accelerate your brand’s ability to achieve your business goals 100%. I highly recommend them :-)”

reddit marketing, toronto, canada

Control the conversation while managing your reputation.

We know exactly what a business needs to grow their online reputation, online presence, traffic and authority. We’ve worked with countless small business and large businesses, and everyone always wants the same thing; More leads, more sales, more profits. Our strategies are similar across various price points. You get a perfectly tailored package for whatever your budget is. We even recommend you start small and increase it once you’re sold on our delivery!

Catch up or break away from your competition. The online world is a cut-throat place, if you don’t work on your SEO and marketing, your competitors will leave you behind.

Traditional SEO strategies with kerosene fluid on top.

After making sure we have the foundation set, we’ll get you growing in the google search rankings organically, along with weekly reports. We’ll handle everything from creating infographics, youtube videos, pdfs, blog articles, link insertions, social bookmarking and more. You’ll get weekly reports.

After that, straight to the Kerosene, Growth Hacking strategies – We’ll get eyeballs looking at your site organically through our reviews, message board hacking, and out-of-the-box strategies.

You get a similar strategy that the biggest companies use, for a fraction of the cost.

reddit marketing, toronto, canada

With just a 12% increase in advocacy, companies can experience a 2X growth in revenue, according to a report in the Harvard Business School Press.

Growth hacking achieves results FAST, with minimal expenditure. The “hacking” part is about finding clever shortcuts that bring big results.

Managing customer reviews is perhaps the most potent medium for building and displaying a brand’s or business’s reputation.